Tips to Keep In Mind While Drying Your Clothes In A Washing Machine

A washing machine or dryer allows you the flexibility to dry clothes at your feasible time; it also comes handy when there’s no sunlight or is raining. Here are some important tips to remember while drying in a washing machine or dryer.


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Tips to Keep In Mind While Drying Your Clothes In A Washing Machine shutterstock 1722761533
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Everyone loves to wear fresh, crisp clothes. Fresh clothes are instant mood lifters and make you feel confident. When your garments are not dried completely and are damp during the time of use, it can attract bacteria. Damp condition is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. It’s important to know mindful tips on how to dry clothes in washing machine correctly. In this article, we have covered some useful tips to help you get the best out of your laundry drying efforts.

1) Check the Wash Care Label on Garment

Before loading your garments into the washing machine or dryer, check the care label to understand whether it can be dried in the machine. We suggest you to stick by the instructions on the care label as following it will help to keep your garments in best condition. Otherwise, it could cause irreversible damage to your clothes.

2) The Loading Technique

If you are using the washing machine only to dry washed, wet clothes, then keep this loading tip in mind. If you were loading the entire bundle of washed garments into the washing machine or dryer at once, you were probably not doing it right. While it may seem easy to do so, it may not give you the best results. We suggest you to load each garment separately. This prevents entangling of garments in the washing machine or dryer and helps give best results.

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3) Cleaning Your Fluff Filter

Over a period of time, lint starts to build up on the fluff filter. If you avoid cleaning it for a longer period of time, the lint build up can interrupt your washing machine or dryer from doing its work effectively. It is best to clean your fluff filter after every use. You can clear it using a cotton cloth. To remove the lint thoroughly, you can use a vacuum cleaner. It helps clear it even from hard-to-reach places. Check the product manual to see if it is removable. If yes, it can be washed easily using clean water.

4) Drying Basis the Fabric

If you are using a tumble dryer to dry clothes, you can choose the dryer setting relevant for the fabric to be dried. Check the product manual to understand the correct dry setting for separate fabrics. This helps keeping your garments in good condition and ready to wear.

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For delicate fabrics and garments like chiffon, satin or your lingerie, we suggest you to air dry them in partial shade. Other regular fabrics like cotton, georgette or rayon can be machine dried. You can also add dryer sheets while drying your clothes in the machine. It helps reduce wrinkles. Another option is using a mesh bag. If you feel you want to give a particular garment extra protection in the spin cycle, drop it in a mesh bag and then drop it into the machine. Check the wash care label on the fabric to understand the right method and temperature to dry your clothes. You may also check the product manual of your washing machine to understand correct drying methods.

5) Using a Dryer to Dry

If you are using a tumble dryer to dry clothes, then, it is important to have a dryer of the same load capacity as your washer. Don’t overload the dryer. This allows the dryer to work efficiently. If the dryer is not of the same load size as that of the washer, we suggest you divide your load into manageable batches.

6) Close the Zippers and Unbutton the Shirts

If zippers are not fastened, they can snag other garments in the washing machine or dryer. Apart from that, they can also cause scratches on the surfaces of the machine. It is also important to clip the bras. However, when it comes to your shirts, we suggest to avoid buttoning them up as it can cause damage to the buttonholes due to the agitation.

There you have it! Keep this guide handy and pay attention to these details the next time you are drying your garments.

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