How You Can Keep Your Cupboards Smelling Fresh At All Times

If you’re looking for easy ways to keep your cupboard smelling fresh, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed some easy ways to help you out.


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How to Keep your Cupboards Smelling Fresh | Get Set Clean
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Do you want a whiff of perfume every time you open your cupboard? Here we list some amazing tips to keep your clothes smelling fresh in your closet.

1)   Coffee Grounds

If you like the aroma of coffee, fill a container with coffee grounds and cover it with aluminium foil. Then, poke some holes in the foil and place it inside your cupboard. This will spread the aroma of coffee in your closet. Remember to replace the grounds at least once a month to maintain the freshness.

2)   Essential Oils

Take a cup of water and add 6-7 drops of your preferred essential oil and 4-5 drops of vanilla extract to it. You can also mix and match multiple essential oils of your choice. Mix this well, pour into a spray bottle and shake well. Spray this in the corners and the shelves of your closet once every two days. To store, place the bottle in a cool, shady place.

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3)   Sandalwood

Place a small piece of sandalwood on the shelves of your closet. Its fresh, earthy aroma will make your closet and clothes smell super nice!

4)   Scented Bag or Hanger

Scented hangers are available in the market. They add a fresh fragrance to your closet. However, you can also make a closet freshener. Fill a mesh bag with scented items like rose petals, mint leaves or even cotton soaked in essential oils. Hang this on the hanger rails, and your closet will smell fresh and pleasant. Remember to replace the contents of the mesh bag regularly.

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There you go! These tips will keep your cupboards smelling fresh no matter what the season

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