Smart Tips for the Upkeep of Your RO Water Purifier

With some care and a few smart maintenance tips, you will be able to keep your RO water purifier in mint condition. Take a quick look at this handy guide.


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4 Easy Tips to Maintaining your RO Water Purifier at Home | Get Set Clean
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Using the best water purifier for your home is crucial to eliminate impurities that enter your drinking water. Using a combination of different filters and purification technologies ensures that the water you drink is safe, uncontaminated and free of impurities. It is therefore important to look into the regular maintenance of water purifiers and their filters.

Read on for easy tips for the upkeep of your water purifier.

Keep yourself informed on the type of water supplied to your house. This will help you select the right water purifier.

1) Change the Filter

The most important part of a water purifier is the water filter. It withstands pressure every time you use it, as it is the part that removes contaminants. After several cycles of use, impurities might form a thin layer on the filter, making it less effective. This usually results in a reduced water flow as well as a foul odour. In such a case, consider changing your filter. A company authorised service technician can help you change the filters.

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2) Service Regularly

Regular servicing by a professional technician keeps the purifier running at optimum. Also, remember to empty and refill your purifier once a month to get fresh, clean drinking water.

3) Don’t Ignore Drips and Leaks

Whenever you notice a leak, contact a professional technician for a thorough inspection and maintenance. Make sure you take the necessary steps to fix these leaks.

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4) Replacing the RO Membrane

The RO system is a widely used purification process that uses membrane technology to purify water that has high Total Dissolved Solutions (TDS) content. The RO membrane absorbs a lot of dissolved impurities as water passes through it. This tends to affect the life of the membrane as the particles clog the pores, resulting in the water tasting bad.

Replace the membrane when you notice such signs. You must pay attention to the filtration quality of the RO membrane as it is one of the most critical elements to purify water.

Get the best when you invest! Use these tips to keep your water purifier in good condition.

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