Best Tips to Prevent Growth of Mould in Your Wardrobe

Prevention is better than cure. Here are helpful tips to prevent mould from taking over your wardrobe.


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How to Prevent Mould Growing in Your Wardrobe | Get Set Clean
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Have you noticed the growth of mould in your wardrobe? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to remove it. Mould around your clothes is unsightly, can damage them, and more importantly, is a health hazard if ignored. Among others reasons, mould in wardrobes can be caused by: condensation and damp clothing. If you’re looking for helpful tips to remove and prevent mould in your wardrobe, you’re in the right place. Here’s your handy guide.

Every two months, inspect your wardrobe closely. If you see any traces of mould, clean it right away using these tips.

1) Ventilate the Area

Keep the doors of your wardrobe open for 5-10 minutes every day to facilitate ventilation.

2) Store Dry Items Only

Do not hang damp clothing in your wardrobe. Always ensure your garments are completely dry before storing them.

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3) Minimise Condensation

Make sure your wardrobe is tightly fitted to the wall, leaving no space for condensation or move your wardrobe out a few centimetres from the wall to prevent condensation from seeping into the cupboards.

4) Treat the Mould

It’s better to treat mould as soon as you spot it. Make a solution by mixing vinegar and water, 1 cup each. Dampen a cloth in this solution and wipe the affected area clean. However, even after this, traces of mould and spores may still remain. To clear it, pour 2 tsp. of undiluted vinegar on a sponge and wipe the area clean. Clean again with a sponge dampened with plain water and let the area air-dry.

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5) Avoid Overfilling Your Wardrobe

Avoid hanging your clothes packed tightly against each other. Mould can grow and transfer from the fibres of one garment to another, furthering the spread of spores. It’s good to leave some space between each garment.

There you go! These effective tips will remove and prevent the growth of mould in wardrobe.

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