How to Remove Paint Stains

Got a paint stain to clean up? Read here for instructions on how to remove paint stains from clothes.


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How to Remove Paint Stains from Clothes | Get Set Clean
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This happens to everyone at some point- you’re repainting a wall, or doing some crafts with the kids, and you spill some paint on your clothes or the table. In this article, we will take you through the step by step process for removing paint stains.

How to remove a craft paint stain:

Craft paints are usually water-based. Follow these instructions to get rid of them:

Some types of paint stain removers are unsuitable for particular fabrics and surfaces – especially delicates or synthetics. Always check the label first.

Step 1:

Turn the item of clothing inside out

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Step 2:

Run the affected area under cold water – hot water may set the stain

Step 3:

Repeat step 2 until most of the paint is gone

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Step 4:

Pre-treat the remaining stain with a detergent like Surf excel liquid – dab on and rub in gently

Step 5:

Wash the clothing as normal, on the maximum temperature allowed, and repeat as necessary to remove fabric stains from clothes

How to remove an acrylic or oil paint stain:

The question of how to remove paint stains gets a little more complicated with acrylic or oil-based paints as they are harder to remove. The following guide will help you get rid of those stains:

Step 1:

Lay the clothing on a clean cloth or piece of kitchen paper, with the stain facing down

Step 2:

Dab gently on the back of the stain with a cloth soaked in paint stain remover, white spirit, or turpentine. Remember to check the clothing label first to avoid damage

Step 3:

Once you start to see paint coming off, apply a little liquid detergent to the stain

Step 4:

Use a cotton bud or an old toothbrush to gently rub it in, leave it to soak for a few hours in the hottest water as per the label recommendation

Step 5:

After that, wash it as normal – at the maximum temperature allowed. Repeat steps 3-5 as necessary until all the stain is removed. Do not allow the clothing to dry in between washes as this can make the stain harder to remove

Check the packaging- To remove paint stains from clothes; it’s important to know what you’re working with. Water-based substances are much easier to remove than oil-based substances so always look at the paint label before trying a cleaning method.

Key Steps:

  • If you want the best advice on how to remove paint stains, the most important thing is to act as soon as possible. Ideally, try to remove the paint while it’s still wet.

  • Check paint packaging for ingredients and brush cleaning instructions.

  • Check clothing labels to know the allowed water temperatures and chemical warnings.

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