Rats Eating Up Your Washing Machine Wiring? Follow These Tips Now!

Are you looking for tips to keep rats from damaging your washing machine’s wiring? You’ve come to the right place.


How to Protect Washing Machines from Rats | Get Set Clean
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Rats can find their way inside your washing machine, chew away on the insulation and do lasting damage in a short time. So, checking your wires is one of the main points to look at while going through your washing machine maintenance checklist. Try these tips to chase away those rodents now!

For a lasting solution, fill any holes with white cement. This will keep the rats from entering your home.

1) Be Alert to Gnawing Sounds

Rats can enter your home through open windows and doors. Keep an eye out for these and seal any possible entry points. Remember, rats and mice can find their way in even through a tiny hole. When you spot a possible entry point, spray a coating of foam latex around it or plug the hole with steel wool to block it.

2) Keep the Area Near Your Machine Clean 

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Food particles around your washing machine are an open invitation to rats. Make sure you sweep away all dirt around the washer and keep the area tidy.

3) Organise Cords and Cables

Use cord clips to attach the wires of your washing machine to the walls neatly. Doing so keeps them out of reach and also keeps rats away.

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4) Use an Essential Oil 

Soak a few cotton balls in peppermint oil and strategically place these near appliances like your washing machine. The smell repels rats and mice. Replace the balls with new ones when their smell fades.

Rats are attracted to hot and humid spaces. They can chew up your washing machine’s wiring and may even get trapped inside the drum.

Keep these tips handy to keep rodents at bay to protect your washing machine!

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