How To Keep Your Machine Clean During Monsoon

Is keeping your washing machine clean during the monsoon a challenge for you? Here are 4 simple tricks to help you out.


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How To Keep Your Machine Clean During Monsoon
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Avoid using your washing machine more than 2-3 times in the day.

Monsoons are the worst time when it comes to washing clothes. The dampness in the environment makes it tough to dry washed clothes. Also, the unwashed clothes start to emit a peculiar smell. During this time, the laundry load also increases as rains lead to drenched clothes. If you rely on a washing machine for your daily laundry, you should keep these tips in mind for maintaining it-

1) Let the machine ventilate

In the monsoons, the laundry load increases as everyone in the family keeps dumping wet and used clothes for a wash. This increased burden also demands more care for the machine. In such situations, as the air is already damp, it is very necessary to ventilate the machine. After every wash, let the lid door stay open for at least half an hour.

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2) Give the machine breaks

With the increased number of clothes, we tend to overuse the machine. But we should avoid using the machine more than 2-3 times in the day. Even if there is an increased load of clothes to wash, try to keep some for the next day.

3) Clean the muck

It is very common to get your clothes stained in muck and mud during the rains, but before putting such clothes in the machine, always be sure that you clean all the muck. For this, you can soak the clothes in warm water and then just put under running water. Once all the mud is cleared, you can load them in the machine.

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4) Clean the lint filter

The lint filter should be cleaned from time to time. Especially during the monsoons, the filter should be cleaned after every 3-4 days, as the lint collected in the filter will start to smell over a period of time and can also cause the machine to smell.

By following these simple tricks, your washing machine will provide you with cleaner and fresher clothes every day without having to worry about the weather and will keep your washing machine, ready for the monsoon season.

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