Here’s a common cause for slow water flow in a water purifier

A water purifier is a common appliance in most modern households. While it ensures a healthy glass of water, if not maintained, a glass of water from a purifier could be harmful.


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Water purifier maintenance tips
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There could be various reasons for a slow water flow in your purifier. Here are a few common ones.

  • The filter gets clogged due to excess usage or maybe due to improper fittings. Unclog or replace the filter if it is clogged.

  • The flow can also be affected due to reduced pressure in the Reverse Osmosis (RO) water tank. To solve this problem, increase the RO pressure.

  • If the incoming water pressure is low. Fix the RO membrane to increase the incoming water pressure.

  • Bent in tubing can also drop the pressure restricting the flow of water.

It is best to call a technician to fix these problems in your purifier.

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Frequently asked questions on water purifier flow

How can I fix the slow water flow in my purifier?

If the water flow is slow due to a clogged filter, clean or replace the filter. If it is due to a faulty valve, replace the valve. If the water pressure is low, check the water pressure in your area or install a booster pump.

Can the slow water flow in my purifier affect the quality of the water?

Yes, a slow water flow can affect the quality of water as it may not be filtered properly, leading to impurities and contaminants remaining in the water.

Is it safe to continue using a purifier with a slow water flow?

It is not recommended to continue using a purifier with a slow water flow as it may affect the quality of water and cause damage to the purifier. It is best to identify the cause and take appropriate action to fix it.

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