Five Basic Washing Machine Tips You Need to Know Today!

A washing machine makes your life easy and hassle-free! These five basic tips will tell you how to maintain your washing machine.


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5 Basic Washing Machine Maintenance Tips | Get Set Clean
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Cleaning clothes has become fast and easy ever since the washing machine entered your home. However, there is a washing machine guide which you need to keep in mind while using this appliance that will help it work effectively and last longer.

1) Load

Overloading the washing machine can reduce its ability to wash clothes properly. It allows less space for clothes to move, due to which detergent does not get washed away properly. You’ll end up with a pile of dirty clothes. Apart from this, overloading also puts a strain on the machine’s motor and decreases its efficiency and life expectancy.

2) Detergent

Picking the right detergent is important for your machine as well as your clothes. We recommend using Surf Excel Matic Liquid which has been specially formulated for your machine. Since it’s a liquid detergent, it dissolves completely in water and leaves no residue. Picking the right detergent not only keeps your clothes soft and clean, it also helps maintain your machine’s life. 

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3) Check Your Pockets

Before loading your clothes into the machine, always check the pockets and remove objects if any. Hard objects like coins, pens and so on can damage the machine during the cycle. They can also damage delicate clothes.

4) Pre-Wash Cycle

Use the pre-wash setting on your washer if your machine has it. Doing this loosens excess dirt before the main cycle, so extra-dirty loads get cleaner without going through multiple cycles.

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5) Run an Empty Cycle

Once a month, fill your washing machine with hot water, without any clothes in it. Add a cup of vinegar and run the cycle. This kills off bacteria and removes detergent residue, if any.

There you have it! Try these simple tips during your upcoming laundry session.

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