Effective Tips to Get Rid of Pests During Monsoons

The onset of monsoon starts the onset of pest infestation in your home. Given below are some tried and tested tips on how to get rid of common monsoon pests.


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Very few things are as annoying as the sight of a cockroach or any other pest in your home. They are unsightly and can cause diseases amongst your family members.

Want to know how to keep pests out during rainy season? Read on.

1) Don’t Leave Food in Open Containers

Leaving the food uncovered on your kitchen platform is like inviting the pests for a buffet. Don’t be careless. Always put the lid on your food items.

2) Fix Wall Gaps

Block the entry of the pests in your home by cementing the crevices and cracks in your walls.

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3) Use Essential Oils

The strong fragrance of some essential oils repels flies and mosquitoes. You can use Citronella or lemon grass essential oil. Alternatively, you can also mix a few of your favorite essential oils and place it in a diffuser.

4) Create a Mixture of Chilies and Water 

It is one of the easiest tricks in the book. Fill a spray bottle with water, add 6-7 sliced chilies in the water. Keep it aside for 2 hours. Now, spray this water at the hotspots.

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5) Disinfect

After cleaning, you can disinfect your house for better hygiene. You can use products such as Domex Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Spray. It contains Sodium Hypochlorite as recommended by leading health organisations for disinfecting surfaces. It kills germs on frequently touched surfaces and protects against infection causing germs. Always test on a small hidden area first and follow instructions on the pack for usage and compatible surfaces.

6) Check for Leaky Pipes

Dampness in your walls or the kitchen sink can promote the growth of pests. Get leaky pipes fixed at once.

7) Clean Your Bathroom

After your kitchen, the bathroom is the safest place for pests. Keep your bathroom clean and as dry as possible. Use an effective toilet cleaner like Domex Toilet Cleaner to wash the toilet bowl. Read the back of all the packs for use instructions and test on a small part first. 

8) Wash Your Clothes at Higher Temperature

Pests like moth can damage your clothes. To get rid of moth infestation, wash your clothes at a higher temperature. If you prefer to wash your clothes in a washing machine, you can use Surf Excel Matic Liquid, which is specially formulated for washing machines and is easily available in the market.

9) Freeze Your Silk and Woolen Garments

If moth has affected your delicate garments, and you are unable to wash them in hot water, freeze them. Place your clothes in a mesh bag and toss it in the freezer. The moth eggs will die.

Use vinegar to clean the various surfaces in your home such as doors, countertops, windows and so on. It helps kill insects.

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