An Easy Instruction Guide For First-Time Washing Machine Users

Of all the electrical appliances you buy for your home, your washing machine is one of the most useful. Here’s a quick washing machine guide that will teach you how to use your appliance.


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How to Use Washing Machine With Easy Instruction Guide | Get Set Clean
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If you’ve just bought a washing machine, your life is about to get a lot easier. It could be one of the best appliances you have at home. It will not only clean your clothes efficiently but also save a lot of time, making it the ideal appliance to have, especially with the hectic schedules you often have to deal with.

However, if you are a first-time washing machine user, you need to know how to use your front load-washing machine or your top-loading one correctly. It’s easy! Here’s a guide to help with your new machine. 

Step 1: Separate Your Garments

Separate your garments according to colour. You should avoid washing your coloured clothes and whites together. Load your washer with the same type of clothes. Don’t pack the washing machine, as clothes need space to move around; you can always run a second cycle if there are garments left over. If you’re washing delicate clothes, use a mesh wash bag. 

Step 2: Pick a Washing Cycle

Choose the appropriate washing cycle for different types of fabric. You will find washing instructions on the labels of your garments as well as in the washer’s manual. This will help maximise cleanliness as well as protect your clothes.

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Step 3: Set the Temperature

Set the water temperature. Use cold water for delicates and warm water for other clothes.

Step 4: Add a Detergent

Pour 1 cup of detergent into the machine, like Surf Excel Matic Liquid, which has been specially formulated for your machine. You should use a fabric softener as well to leave your clothes fresh and fragrant.

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Step 5: Begin Your Wash

Simply press the start button and let your washer do all the work. 

There you go! Also, remember to always check the label attached inside the garment. If the label suggests machine-washing, go ahead. If not, wash the garment manually or dry-clean.

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