Clothes Getting Dirty After Machine Wash? Simple Fixes to Your Rescue!

Did you find some marks or stains on your clothes after washing them in your washing machine? Don’t worry, we’re here to help fix this issue!


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At times unpleasant marks are left behind on your clothes after a wash-spin cycle. This occurs generally when the fabric softener or detergent leaves its residue behind and it builds up if you don’t take immediate action.

We have the best laundry tips and tricks to help you solve the problem.

1) Use Vinegar

Drain all the excess water from the machine. Pour 3 cups of vinegar and run an empty cycle in hot water for 10 minutes. This will clear all the product residue left there from the previous cycle.

2) Clean the Rubber Door Seal

If you have a front-loading washing machine, clean its rubber door seal. Many a time the rubber door seal gets clumped up with detergent residue from the previous cycle, which transfers onto your clothing during the next cycle. Remember to clean this area of your washing machine using a clean, dry rag after each wash cycle. Also, keep your washing machine’s door open once in a while, when not in use, to allow some airflow.

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3) Troubleshoot the Issue

In rare cases, when an internal part of your washing machine gets chipped or broken, e.g. your washing machine’s door, dispenser, pump and so on, it tends to transfer the rust on to your clothes during the wash cycle. In order to fix this issue, unplug your washing machine and carefully inspect it to find out which part of your washing machine is causing the problem. We suggest you call a company-authorised technician to fix the issue.

To get clean clothes after each wash, it’s important to take small steps towards maintaining your washing machine. Try these tips, and enjoy clean and stain-free clothes with each machine wash.

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