Check out some creative hacks to hide cracks on your child’s bedroom walls.

Walls of an average Indian home can be ruined easily because of extreme weather conditions. Repairs and renovations at short intervals may not always be feasible. Fret not, we have some hacks.


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How to Hide Cracks from your Bedroom Walls | Get Set Clean
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  • Wallpapers

Place a Shelf Where there is a Wall Crack

Though not the best option for a damp wall, a wallpaper will definitely help hide cracks. It also works wonders in covering up pen marks, dirt, grime and other stains.

  • Frames

Hang a Frame on Wall Crack
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Hang a frame exactly where there is a crack on the wall. A frame of your child’s favourite superhero will definitely earn you some brownie points.

  • Blocking

Cove the Wall Crack with Wallpapers

Place a shelf or a cabinet where there is a wall crack. Using a bookshelf will also help create a cosy space for your kid(s).

  • Canvas

Innovative Ideas For Hiding Walls Crack
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Pull out a box of paints, grab a few paint brushes and paint the walls with an imaginative landscape or an abstract design. Let the walls be your canvas.

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