5 Dishwasher Accessories You Can Buy to Improve Its Performance!

Do you end up spending time on mundane tasks like hand washing your delicate kitchenware despite owning a dishwasher? If yes, then you need to stop now! Here are a few amazing dishwasher accessories to help you get more out of your appliance.


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Buy these amazing dishwasher accessories
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There is no denying that dishwashers are one of those revolutionary machines that can help save both time and effort. But, there are times when we wash some dishes by hand even though we own a dishwasher. These might include our delicate utensils or those that are soiled with very tough stains, such as that of grease, ghee or oil. 

Sometimes we even have difficulty keeping small items like baby spoons, small tongs, caps, etc. stay secure on the rack. These items may come loose during the wash cycle and get trapped in the drain, forcing us to hand wash them. 

The good news is that a visit to the market introduced us to several accessories that could make washing utensils in the dishwasher easier and smoother. Read on to know the five accessories we bought that drastically improved our dishwasher’s performance.

1. Cutlery Basket 

Imagine taking out a spoon or fork from your dishwasher after washing and finding it encrusted with debris from the previous night’s dinner. Awful, right? We have often found it quite difficult to keep our cutlery in place in a dishwasher. They tend to fall through the gaps of the rack and remain unclean.

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However, investing in a cutlery basket for our dishwasher was one of the best decisions. The purpose of a cutlery basket is to hold silverware and other utensils in place and is kept on the lower rack of the dishwasher. 

How to Use a Cutlery Basket?

A cutlery basket generally has six single compartments and one double compartment making it perfect for separating your cutlery. Thanks to its mesh design, we noticed that it allows the water to flow through the basket easily, ensuring a thorough cleaning. They also come with a handle which makes it easy to place and remove them from the dishwasher.

Our experience has taught us that it is better to err on the side of caution while purchasing a new cutlery basket. Why? 

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While cutlery baskets claim to fit most dishwashers easily, we recommend checking your dishwasher’s dimensions to ensure the basket is suitable for your appliance as it could be too big or too small.

2. Dishwasher Tablets

We’ve faced situations when we have opened our dishwasher after the wash cycle only to find our dishes still laden with tough food stains like grease, masalas, burnt milk etc. We realized that we needed a dishwasher detergent especially formulated to handle difficult food stains that result from Indian cooking. 

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Since we’re constantly on the lookout for new homecare trends, we came across Vim Matic All in One Dishwasher Tablets. On checking the label, we found that these tablets have powerful enzymes that cut through stubborn grease and stains, giving us sparkless utensils, regardless of the ingredients or cooking process used.

When we used the Vim Matic All in One Dishwasher Tablets, we noticed that even tough stains like that of turmeric and burnt milk were easily removed from the utensils and there was no need for pre-soaking. 

Since each tablet consists of the benefit of detergent powder, rinse aid, and salt, we did not have to buy multiple dishwashing products, making it a win-win for us. In addition, these tablets prevented the appearance of ugly watermarks on our utensils and glassware, making them even more appealing to us.

We were glad to see that they also had a separate rinse aid option. A rinse aid, also known as a drying aid, helps speed up the drying process. On trying  Vim Matic Dishwasher Rinse Aid, we saw our dishes dry faster and look spotlessly clean. Additionally, it also protects vessels by softening hard water in the dishwasher, because of which the appearance and finish of our dishes remains intact even after repeated washing. We recommend using it along with Vim Matic Dishwash Detergent and Vim Matic Dishwasher Salt for best results..

Step by Step Process to Use Vim Matic All in One Dishwasher Tablets 

  1. First, load the dishwasher properly with the utensils.

  2. Place one tablet in the detergent compartment with dry hands while keeping the film on it intact

  3. Choose the desired wash cycle and start the machine as per instructions

3. Silver Polishing Case

We have always avoided washing our silverware in dishwashers as it could lead to tarnishing or discolouration. But, then we came across this convenient accessory that could help clean silverware safely in the dishwasher- a silver polishing case or cassette. 

What are Silver Polishing Cases?

They are basically aluminium cartridges that help protect silver cutlery from corrosion and discolouration. The best part is that you can easily insert them into the cutlery basket. We love this accessory as it saves us both time and energy. 

However, there are three things to keep in mind to ensure that your silverware is always in excellent condition.

  • Never pour the detergent directly on silverware and ensure your detergent does not contain lemon or other citric acids as it could damage the metal 

  • Avoid overloading the silver polishing case with cutlery as it would prevent soap and water from reaching all the surfaces of the cutlery and lead to improper cleaning

  • Run a rinse cycle if you are not going to start the dishwasher immediately as prolonged exposure to food containing salt, acid, or sulphide found in foods like eggs, mayonnaise, and seafood could damage the finish of silverware

GSC Tip: - Never load silverware and stainless steel cutlery together. The silver and stainless steel chemically react with each other. This leaves pits on the silverware and causes spotting on stainless steel utensils, especially where the metals are touching each other.

4. Bottle Holder

Have you ever encountered a situation when you placed bottles to wash in your dishwasher, and they overturned during the washing process? Well, we have definitely faced this issue and found it highly frustrating. So, when we discovered the bottle holder accessory online, we knew it would be the perfect addition to our dishwasher. We had to give it a try!

The accessory is ideal for holding bottles, vases, small plastic containers and other long and narrow items securely in the lower rack of the machine. We were delighted to see them stand firmly even during the most powerful dishwasher programmes.

5. Baby Bottle Clip

We know how arduous it can get to wash baby bottles by hand, especially while handling the smaller parts- nipples, lids, cups etc. Thankfully, we now find washing baby bottles a breeze with the baby bottle clip accessory. 

These baby bottle clips come in packs of three. Using them helped us keep smaller parts secure during the wash and ensure they are cleaned well. However, there are some measures to take while washing baby bottles in a dishwasher:-

  • Ensure only glass or dishwasher-safe plastic bottles are placed in the dishwasher 

  • Remember that dishwashers only clean the bottles and do not sterilize them

We hope that these accessories will enhance your dishwashing experience too!

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What maintenance does a dishwasher need?

You need to fix a day every month to clean the filter of your dishwasher. Find the manufacturer’s instruction manual to know the kind of filter fitted in your dishwasher. Manual filters need to be taken out for washing and ensuring that the dishwasher performs at 100 percent efficiency.

Can a dishwasher scrub dishes like we do during a hand wash?

Yes. The dishwasher has these spray arms fitted in it that help in removing all kinds of stubborn oil and masala stains with high water pressure. This helps achieve a super effective wash.

Does a dishwasher take hours to wash dishes?

It takes hardly 10 minutes to load a dishwasher and after that, you’re literally free. You’ll get clean and dry utensils in just an hour or less.

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