4 steps to get rid of hard water stains from your coffee maker

Do you find stains on your coffee maker every now and then? Read this article, follow the steps, and say good bye to hard water stains!


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How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Coffee Maker
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Wash the coffee maker immediately after you have used it.

A two-minute hack to get rid of stubborn hard water stains from your coffee maker

We all love our dose of caffeine at least twice a day. Unfortunately, hard water always ends up leaving unsightly deposits that turn brown or black when left with a little coffee at the bottom of the pot. Detergents aren’t really helpful. However, follow this 4-step process and bid adieu to the stains.

Step 1:

Wash the pot of the coffee maker thoroughly with water to get rid of the stench of coffee from the pot.

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Step 2:

Put some ice and salt in the pot and swirl it properly for 30 seconds. This will help loosen the greasy stains from the pot.

Step 3:

Empty the pot and pour some vinegar in it and scrub the insides to get rid of the stains.

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Step 4:

Empty the pot, fill it with water and put it on the brewing cycle for a minute. The little traces of vinegar will get washed away with the boiling water.

Voila! The coffee maker is now stain-free and ready to brew another hot cuppa!

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