Tips to Restore the Shine of Your Brick Flooring

The rustic appeal of brick flooring can add to the beauty of your home’s outdoor area. Here are some cleaning tips to keep them in top condition.


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Brick flooring is a great idea for outdoor settings. It can add charm and beauty to your outdoor space. Just add a few lawn chairs, a chic table, and you are all set to entertain guests. You can also plan lawn parties and backyard brunches if the weather permits. Brick flooring is low maintenance and easy to clean. It is one of the simplest home design ideas.

Has your brick flooring lost its shine? Use these tips to restore their lustre.

1) Use Vacuum Cleaner 

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove surface dust and debris from your brick flooring. For best results, vacuum your brick flooring at least once a week.

2) Use Vinegar

Add a cup of vinegar to a bucket of water. Use this solution to mop your brick flooring. The vinegar will add shine to your brick flooring and keep it odour-free. Sponge or flat cloth mops are not ideal for cleaning this type of flooring. Instead, use a long-handle mop for effortless cleaning. During summers, mopping in the evening will keep your outdoor space cool and pleasant.

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3) Use a Floor Cleaner

Add 2 tbsp. of floor cleaner to a bucket of warm water. Twirl the water gently and use this solution to clean the flooring. To get rid of soap residue, rinse the brick flooring with plain water.

4) Pressurised Water Cleaning

Use a hose to remove dirt and muck from the surface of your brick flooring. The pressure from the hose will loosen the dirt and restore the shine on your flooring.

These tips will ensure that your brick flooring regains its former shine. Now you can enjoy a relaxing evening in the backyard.

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