Has Your Wooden Dining Table Lost its Shine? Here’s How You Can Fix It!

Is regular use and wear-and-tear making your wooden dining table look dull? Here are some surface cleaning tips to restore its shine.


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How to Restore the Shine of your Furniture | Get Set Clean
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Wooden furniture looks elegant and adds to your home décor. However, with time and use, wood loses its shine and requires maintenance. Here are a few tips to restore the shine of your furniture.

1) Use Mayonnaise

Rub mayonnaise over the marks on your wooden dining table and spread it over the discoloured area with your finger. Let it sit for a few hours, preferably overnight. Finally, wipe off the mayonnaise using a clean, dry cloth. Remember to use a soft cloth and do not scrub the wood with any rough material.

2) Use a Wax Crayon

Take a crayon that matches the shade of your wooden dining table and rub it over any scratch marks. Once you have completely covered them, blow-dry on the heat setting for 5 minutes to allow the crayon to melt. Once the crayon has cooled and hardened over the marks, use a soft cloth to buff the area. Your wooden table should now be flawless again.

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3) Use Oil and Vinegar

Create a mixture by adding ½ a cup of vinegar and ½ a cup of olive oil to a bowl. Mix well and rub this over the surface of your wooden dining table with a cotton cloth for about 15 minutes. You’ll gradually see the surface restored.

4) Use Lemon and Oil

Take some oil in a bowl and squeeze a lemon in it. Mix well and apply this solution to the faded wood with a dry cloth and rub it in. The original shine of your wooden surface will return.

There you go! Use these tips to get your wooden dining table looking as good as new!

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