Tips to Clean the Dust Off Your Ceiling Fans

Cleaning your ceiling fans regularly will keep them in optimum working condition for longer. Given here are some tips for cleaning ceiling fans efficiently and effortlessly.


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After a long day at work, the first thing we do is switch on the fan on reaching home. A dusty fan will not make your house airy. So, it is important to clean them at least twice a month. There are many ways to clean a ceiling fan. You can dismantle your fan and clean it on the floor, or climb up a ladder. If you are using a ladder, ensure that someone is present to help you maintain balance and pass on the cleaning equipment.

Read on to know some handy tips on how to clean a ceiling fan.

1) Using a Duster

There are many long held fan dusters available in the market. The duster is made of microfiber cloth and can be folded horizontally. It allows easy cleaning of the fan blades without the need of getting up on a ladder.

2) Use Pillow Case

Cover the fan blades in a pillow case along the length. Pull out the pillow covers and you’ll notice that the dust particles have come off with it.

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3) Use Soap Solution

Once you’ve cleaned the dust from your ceiling fan, wipe it with a cloth soaked in soapy water. Rinse off the soapy layer with a damp cleaning rag. Let the fan air dry.

4) Disinfect

After cleaning, you can disinfect your ceiling fan for better hygiene. You can use products such as Nature Protect Surface Spray. It cleans and disinfects, it is infused with neem extract that is known to be anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Read the pack for instructions and use on a small hidden part of the fan before use.

Dust settles on ceiling fans quickly. Leaving it unattended for long periods of times can give rise to dust mites and triggers allergies amongst the children and the elderly. One must keep in mind that the toddlers are at a safe distance when you are cleaning electric appliances. They like to play with switches. Switching on the fan while someone is cleaning it can result in an unfortunate accident.

To avoid creating a mess on the floor while cleaning your ceiling fan, lay an old bed sheet or some newspapers on the floor. When the cleaning is done, discard the dusty newspapers.

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