Cleaning Tips to Get a Squeaky-Clean Dustbin with Little Effort

Here’s a useful cleaning tip for good housekeeping: keep your dustbin fresh and germ-free. After all, you don’t want harmful bacteria affecting your health.


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How to Clean your Dustbin | Get Set Clean
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It’s a good idea to buy a large dustbin for your home and choose one with a foot pedal. This is a great way to get rid of your garbage without touching the dustbin lid.

Try to empty your dustbin as soon as it is almost full. Your trash spilling out will only make your job harder and messier. You must follow a cleaning schedule to keep odour and disease-causing bacteria in check. Here are some excellent tips you can use to clean your dustbin effortlessly. 

We suggest you use biodegradable sheets inside the bin. It provides great environmental advantage too!

1) Wear Gloves

It is essential to keep yourself protected and avoid direct contact. So, before you get started with the cleaning process, wear protective gloves.

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2) Hose Down Your Dustbin

 To remove surface dirt and grime, hose down your dustbin in the bathroom.

3) Use a Disinfectant

Your dustbin is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Use a disinfectant to keep germs away. Read the instructions on the label carefully before spraying the disinfectant inside your dustbin.

4) Scrub with Toilet Cleaner

Use a clean toilet brush to scrub the insides of your dustbin vigorously to get rid of stains and grime. 

5) Wipe with a Microfibre Cloth

If the outside of your dustbin is made of stainless steel, wipe it clean with any commercially available glass cleaner. Use a microfibre cloth for a flawless shine. 

6) Dry in Sunlight

Keep your dustbin in direct sunlight for a day and let it air-dry. The heat will act as an effective disinfectant and help you get rid of mould. 

7) Use Olive Oil

Pour a few drops of olive oil on a clean cotton cloth and wipe your dustbin with it. This will ensure that your dustbin looks spotless, with no fingerprints.

Try these simple tips to keep your garbage bin clean. We highly recommend that you separate your wet and dry garbage to facilitate easy composting and recycling.

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