Found some cracks on your granite surface? Here are 4 simple ways to fix it!

Hairline cracks or chips on the granite flooring of your house are repaired differently than a fully broken piece.


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Ways to fix cracks found on your granite
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Hiring a professional to repair your granite flooring can cost you and buying a new one wouldn’t be a smart decision. You can do it yourself by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Determine the depth of the crack. Small cracks that go with the grain of the granite are normal, no need to worry about them. If the crack is deep, read on.

  • Create matching granite dust. For this, you will need a diamond grinding bit which is easily available at any local hardware store. Now, source a granite piece that matches the cracked granite surface and grind it to dust.

  • Mix epoxy and the granite dust. Read the instructions mentioned on the epoxy packet and add the granite dust until the product turns into a thick paste that somewhat matches the colour of the granite.

  • Mask off the area. Cover the area around the crack so that the filler won’t spill on the surface. Use painter's tape to hold up to epoxy or resin.

  • Apply the epoxy. Smear the epoxy on the crack. Let it dry for a while.

The epoxy tends to shrink a bit while drying, so it's preferable to over-fill the crack.

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