Easy Way to Remove Sticky Dirt From Your Fan Blades

Is your ceiling fan covered in sticky dirt? We have an easy step-by-step solution to help you clear it.


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How to Clean Dirty Ceiling Fan | Get Set Clean
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Apart from cooling your living space, a fan can also be an integral part of your home décor. It’s probably one of the most used appliances in your home, and attracts plenty of dirt and dust. If overlooked, the dirt starts settling in layers and becomes greasy over time. Though it cannot be cleaned on a daily basis, a monthly clean-up will keep your fan tidy. If the ceiling fans in your home are covered in greasy dirt, we have some easy surface-cleaning tips for you.

Before you begin the cleaning process, keep a step-stool handy to reach the fan.

Try this step-by-step cleaning method.

Step 1: Clear Loose Dust

Use a broom to clean loose dirt from the fan. Thoroughly clean each blade, end-to-end, covering all sides. Remember to place a layer of newspaper on the floor first to catch the dirt.

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Step 2: Wipe with Old Pillow Cases

For this step, you will need old pillowcases. Slip a pillowcase onto a blade and wipe carefully to trap the dust in the case. Repeat this process to clean each blade individually. Once you are done with this process, clean the remaining traces of dirt on the blades with an old rag.

Step 3: Make a Cleaning Solution

For the final cleanse, make a cleaning solution. Take a large bowl and mix 1 tsp. each of white vinegar and dishwashing liquid in 2 cups of water. Mix well with a spoon.

Step 4: Clean

Dampen a sponge in this solution and gently wipe each fan blade thoroughly. Keep wringing the dirty water from the sponge and refresh it as needed. Use the same process to clean the entire surface.

Step 5: Pat Dry

Take a clean, dry cloth and pat the entire surface to remove excess moisture. Allow the blades to air-dry.

That’s it! Try this cleaning method to keep your ceiling fan dirt-free, and make it last for many years to come.

Key Step:

Before you start the cleaning process, cover your face with a mask or bandanna.

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