Clean Your Lamps and Chandeliers to Usher in Diwali, Festival of Lights!

Here’s how to clean your lamps and chandeliers to celebrate the significance of Diwali and welcome prosperity into your home!


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Ways to Clean Your Lamps and Chandeliers | Get Set Clean
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Diwali is almost here, and as you prepare to usher in the festival of lights, it’s important for you to clean the lights in your home. We give you a few tips to get your lamps and chandeliers sparkling this Diwali.

1) Cleaning Fabric Lampshades

After the bulb in a lamp has been switched off and has cooled down, take off the lampshade. For sturdy material, use a soft brush to dust off loose dirt. For weaker fabrics, use a lint roller or paintbrush to do this. A paintbrush also works well when it comes to dusting pleated fabric shades. Next, make a solution comprising 2-3 drops of liquid detergent and water in a bucket. Dip the lampshade in it and gently clean it with a soft brush. Rinse and let it dry.

2) Cleaning Fibreglass and Glass Lampshades

Remove the shade and dust the inside of it with a damp microfibre cloth. If the lampshade is glass, be very careful while removing it. Add 2-3 drops of liquid soap to a bowl filled with warm water. Dip a clean cloth in this soapy solution and wipe the lampshade, inside and out. Rinse under water and leave it to dry. Finally, use a dry cloth to wipe off any watermarks left behind. For glass lampshades with grease marks, especially those that are fixed and cannot be removed, add 2 tbsp. of white vinegar to a bowl of water, dip a cloth in this mixture and wipe it. Take a clean cloth to dry and wipe off any excess water.

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3) Cleaning Chandeliers

Most chandeliers can be lowered. However, you may still need a ladder to reach this set of lights. For those chandeliers that can be dismantled, hand-wash their glass or crystal components in a bowl of lukewarm water and 2-3 drops of liquid soap. Then, rinse and dry with a clean, soft cloth. For those that cannot be dismantled, first, remove all bulbs, then dust with a clean cloth. For stains, you can take a bowl of lukewarm water, add 2-3 drops of liquid soap to it, dip a cloth in this soapy solution and wipe the chandelier. Finally, wipe dry with a clean cloth.

There you go! Clean the lamps in your home and have a bright and happy Diwali!

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