Effective Tips to Clean Cobwebs Using Simple Household Supplies

Looking for some tips to clean those unsightly cobwebs in your home? You’ve come to the right place; try these cleaning tips.


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How to Clean Cobwebs Using Simple Household Supplies | Get Set Clean
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Cobwebs, commonly referred to as spider webs, tend to form if a particular area or room in your home has been left unoccupied and hasn’t been cleaned in a while. But don’t worry, getting rid of these should not be difficult. We’ve shared a few tips to help you get rid of cobwebs.

Regularly dusting and cleaning your walls will keep spiders away. You could also spray peppermint oil in the corners of your home; it’s a great insect repellent!

1) Use a Vacuum Cleaner or a Broom

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove cobwebs from your walls. Always remember to empty your vacuum cleaner’s dust bag after use. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, use a long-handled broom to tackle cobwebs in the corners of your room. Sweep the area afterwards to ensure you remove the remaining traces of spider webs.

2) Use Tape and a Paint Roller

Take a paint roller and cover the sponge part with a thin double-sided adhesive tape. Roll it over the wall to allow the cobwebs to stick to it. Change the tape once its surface is covered and can’t collect any more cobwebs. Repeat the process if needed. Remember to sweep the area afterwards.

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3) Use Bleach

Dilute 1 cup of bleach in a large bowl of water and pour it into a spray bottle. Shake well and spray over the cobwebs. Take a dry cloth and wipe the area clean. Repeat the process if needed. This technique also works well when it comes to getting rid of spider eggs. Remember to always wear rubber gloves when using bleach.

With these cleaning tips, eliminating those cobwebs in your home is going to be easy.

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