How to Clean Your Christmas Wreaths, Stockings and Wall Decoration for the Merry Season

With Christmas around the corner, you would want to get your wreaths, stockings and wall decoration clean and ready to hang up. We give you smart cleaning tips to get your decorations in order.


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Easy Ways to Clean Your Christmas Decorations | Get Set Clean
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While you get ready to deck the halls with boughs of holly and celebrate this jolly season, you also need to get your decorations out of storage and ready to set up. Your wreaths, stockings and wall decorations tend to get dusty, especially if they have been boxed for around 11 months. Follow these simple cleaning tips and tricks to get them ready in time for Christmas.

1) Clean Your Christmas Wreath

The Christmas wreath is traditionally made from natural evergreens comprising an assortment of flowers, leaves, pine, twigs, holly etc., which symbolise eternity. Nowadays, artificial wreaths are quite common as they can be reused. However, they need to be cleaned well before they are hung.

To clean your Christmas wreath, take a large paper bag, and put 1 cup of salt into it. Place your wreath in this and shake gently. Any dust particles on your wreath will now stick to the salt. 

Finally, use your hair dryer on a low setting to blow off the salt and loose dirt from your wreath.

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2) Clean Your Christmas Stockings

We’re sure you love hanging up Christmas stockings; they add to the festive look and come Christmas morning, will be filled to the brim with gifts! However, you need to clean your stockings before they are displayed. 

Most stockings are knitted or crocheted and made of velvet or wool, and are easy to clean. Hand-washing is your best option and will ensure the stockings last longer. Add some mild detergent to a bucket filled with warm water and soak your stocking in it for 10 minutes. Next, scrub them with a soft brush and rinse. Let them dry naturally. 

Remember never to wring your stockings, as the fabric could stretch and lose shape. 

3) Clean Your Christmas Wall Decoration

You can hang anything from ornaments to streamers on your walls to make your living space look festive. If you’re using plastic greenery, streamers or decorative items, you can gently vacuum them or wipe them down with a microfibre cloth. A soft make-up brush is an excellent tool to remove dust. 

While cleaning painted and delicate decoration, gently pick them up individually by the hanger. Be careful while handling these items as your fingerprints may be visible on them, or you could smudge the paint marring the look of your decoration. You can wear gloves if required. Lightly dust each item with a feather duster. 

With these simple tips, you’ll be able to get your Christmas wreaths, stockings and wall decorations clean and ready for the merry season!

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