6 Smart Tips to Do Your Household Chores More Efficiently & Make Them Less Time-Consuming!

Household chores can be exhausting and take up a considerable chunk of your precious time. However, these smart tips will help you do your household chores more efficiently and make them less time-consuming.


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Manage household chores more efficiently
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We all know the amount of effort that needs to be put in every day to achieve a clean and tidy home, making it a daunting process for most of us. Often, the to-do list for the day does not see the end,  wherein we spend a large part of the day on tasks like dusting, laundry, mopping the floors, organizing, etc.

What makes household chores even more challenging and time-consuming is when you have to redo certain tasks. Instances like having to dust all over again because of lint left behind by your duster, dealing with a pile of freshly washed clothes laden with residue, scrubbing at stubborn stains left behind on your microwave, on blinds, clothes, etc. or a glass broken by your little one just after you have mopped the floor. Such situations only add to all the stress of maintaining a clean house.

To make your job easier, we have shared six of our tried and tested smart tips that will make your household chores more efficient and less time-consuming.

1. Invest in Microfiber Cloths

We have seen that dusting constitutes a major part of cleaning, and this is why we found microfiber cloths as one of the most efficient aids in our housekeeping kit. We can use microfiber cloths to wipe down any surface as they help in trapping dust and dirt effectively.

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They also come in myriad colours and sizes and can be used to wipe down everything, from kitchen counters to appliances, without leaving any lint on them. Once used, all you have to do is throw it into the washing machine for a rinse.

2. Start Decluttering One Bag Per Day

Cleaning is already quite a chore and when you end up cleaning stuff that is of no value it becomes even more stressful. However, by following this simple habit, we have seen that you can keep unnecessary items from piling up and overwhelming your space. 

All you need is to keep a stash of plastic bags, or even an old cardboard box should work fine. Spend 5 to 10 minutes every day walking around the house, removing all the clutter that you don't require anymore. Aim to fill your bag every day. 

When we tried this, we were surprised to see how quickly our bag filled up. Some of the items we picked up could be trashed or recycled, like old marker pens, used-up shampoo bottles, waste paper, etc. There were also some items that we donated, like old clothes and toys. Just keep a spare box to throw in all the usable things, which you can eventually give to a needy person once the box is full.

3. Try Detergent Capsules for laundry

We all know that laundry can end up becoming a long drill of sorting, measuring detergent, adding fabric conditioner, and so on. To make laundry easy and less time consuming, we looked for several solutions before finally discovering a revolutionary detergent format- Capsules! 

We tried the Surf Excel 3-in-1 Smart Shots and were impressed with how it had simplified our entire laundry process. To use, we simply had to put one Smart Shot into the washing machine’s empty drum prior to adding the clothes. We no longer had to struggle with having to figure out the dosage of detergent or deal with tough stains. With its unique three-chamber design, the detergent capsule is designed to work for both fully automatic top and front load washing machines.

The product is not only super convenient but highly efficient too. For those of us who struggle with spills, wastage and overdosing, the pre-packed detergent format of Surf Excel 3-in-1 Smart Shots is absolutely perfect. We noticed that with its smart technology, the detergent capsule was able to deliver advanced stain removal and long-lasting fragrance. Plus, our clothes felt quite soft after the wash too!

4. Use Bread to Pick up Broken Glass

We all know that with kids around in the house, broken glasses are likely . However, what is more worrisome is to make sure not a single  piece of the broken glass is left behind. While picking up the larger pieces is easy, getting the small bits can be time-consuming. 

A simple hack of using bread can help you pick up every fragment of the glass. Just use a little water to dampen a piece of bread and press it against the floor where the tiny glass pieces are lying. The pieces will embed in the bread without cutting your feet or fingers in the process. It is a lot easier than using a broom to sweep away the glass pieces, and you will also not miss those pieces that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

5. Clean Microwave with Lemon

Microwaves are a staple in most modern homes. While they make life easy, they also tend to get dirty very fast. In our experience, scrubbing away at caked food debris or food spillovers in microwaves can eat into a lot of your time. Thankfully, we have found that lemons are a great way to clean up your microwave in a jiffy. 

Squeeze some lemon juice into a bowl of water and drop the leftover piece of lemon in it. Place the bowl  in the microwave and turn it on for about 3 minutes, till the water  boils. The steam from the mixture will fill up the microwave. Now wait for five minutes, then open the microwave and take out the bowl. Use a paper towel or cloth to clean up inside. All the caked-up food residue will come off quickly, and the fragrance of lemon will linger on.

6. Clean Window Blinds Quickly with Vinegar

We have all struggled with cleaning window blinds. Having to clean one slat at a time or take them down completely for cleaning makes this chore extremely tedious. However, we have seen that window blinds can also be cleaned effortlessly with this simple trick. Take a bowl of vinegar, slip your hands into an old sock. Now dip your fingers into the vinegar and wipe down those blinds with the socks. Clean your blinds in no time without having to take them down.

Try these smart tips to  simplify your household chores and get some time for yourself!

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