Check out these simple methods to keep your storage cabinet fresh and insect free!

We all have to agree that we don’t clean the cabinets unless there is a festival or a special occasion around the corner. The process may be painstaking but it is essential to keep it clean, fresh and insect-free.


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Tips to Keep Your Storage Cabinets Insect Free | Get Set Clean

By the time you spot insects in the cabinets, it may be too late. So here are a few tips you could use to keep your cabinets smelling fresh and insect free.

You can always use rubbing alcohol to clean the greasy and sticky areas of the cabinets.

Keep it dry

It is very important to clean and dry your utensils before they go back in the cabinets. They are the prime perpetrators of bad odour.

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    Clean it every month.

    Clear the cabinets to clean the shelves. Warm a bowl of water, add half a cup of vinegar and a few drops of essential oil. Dip a cotton cloth and clean the cabinets.

  • Seal holes

    If you spot any holes or cracks, seal it with the help of sealant.

  • Tea bags

    Keep a few tea bags randomly in the cabinets. It will absorb the moisture and also mask the odour.

    It’s easy and effective. Try it.

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