How to Wash Your Woollen Sweater Without Shrinking It

During winters, a woollen sweater is a must-have piece of clothing in your wardrobe. In the article, we answer all your questions about washing woollen sweaters.


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How to Wash Your Woollen Sweater Without Shrinking It
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How to wash wool? Which is the best washing liquid for wool? Should you dry-clean woollen sweaters? Read on for we have the answers to these questions. 

A perfect woollen sweater can effortlessly carry you from day to night, protecting you from dipping temperatures, and, yet keeping your look edgy. 

But even though they attract a lot of dirt and dust, we suggest you don’t wash your woollen sweaters frequently, as this can damage the fabric. It’s best to brush your woollen sweater and place it on a flat surface to air-dry it. But if there are stubborn stains on your woollen sweater, here’s how you can hand-wash it without shrinking it. 

Step 1: Make a Cleaning Solution

Take ½ a bucket of lukewarm or cold water and add 3 tsp. of mild detergent to it. Mix well. 

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Step 2: Soak

Drop your woollen sweater in this solution and add 2 tsp. of vinegar to it. Allow it to soak for 15 minutes. Vinegar will remove the stains and also keep the colours of your woollen sweater intact. It will also make your woollen sweater feel soft and fresh. 

Step 3: Rinse

Gently rinse your woollen sweater. This will remove all the dirt and dust. Wring out the excess water. 

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Step 4: Towel-Dry

Wool absorbs water. If you dry it on a hanger, the extra moisture will weigh it down and cause the garment to lose shape. To remove the water, place a clean towel on a flat surface and place your sweater on top of it. Gently wrap it and wait for 5 minutes, and then unwrap it. Now put the sweater on a clean, flat surface and allow air-drying. You could also put it on another clean towel and leave it to air-dry.

Key Step:

If you prefer to wash your woollen sweater in the washing machine, use the ‘wool setting’ if it has one, or wash it on a cold setting and a gentle cycle.

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