Top 5 Homecare Influencers You Need to Check Out Before 2022 Ends

Influencers have been ruling our hearts while decor rules our homes. And when it comes to keeping our home clean and visually pleasing, these influencers provide their precious advice that we can definitely incorporate into our daily routines. Let's get to know what these popular influencers have to say about home decor and lifestyle.


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Home Care Influencers
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1. Adity (@decorbyadity)

Aditi - Influencer

If vintage core and becoming one with nature is something you are looking for, then Adity is your go-to person. Adity Chakravarti is a phenomenal artist, table stylist and blogger. Her passion for the preservation of heritage runs deep as she leads the citizens' initiative on the subject. When keeping her house and laundry clean, she has the best tip to clean fabrics that turn grey. “In hot water, add 2 tbsp of washing soda, 3 tbsp hydrogen peroxide and 2 tbsp laundry detergent and soak the fabric for a few hours. Proceed to wash it as usual.” There are so many more tips to learn from Adity, and you can definitely check them out on her Instagram page.

It’s no secret that everyone wants a clean house, but that doesn’t mean it has to be so hard! Keeping your home and its interior tidy is as much about knowing what to do as it is about being efficient during the process. With so many clever tips and tricks from home decor influencers, you can accomplish the task much faster than you think.

2. Anupama (@anupmar)

Anupma - Influencer
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Anupama is filled with a zest for life that comes from her fun cycling activities and love for travelling. Despite being a working woman, she makes time for her friends and relishes making her home vibrant and cozy. She handles her home with care and love and has much to say about her immaculate laundry routine. To care for her clothes, she adds 1/2 cup of baking soda with detergent to brighten coloured clothes and reduce odour. Both she and her husband are invested in the laundry process, as her husband collects and puts clothes in the machine while she washes the clothes later. Take inspiration from her beautiful decor and clean interiors on her Instagram!

3. Khushboo (@that_greencornerbykhushboo)

Khushboo - Influencer
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Khushboo is a mother and a professional. Her 50K+ followers on IG come for the beautiful home decor posts and wonderful home interior advice. Diving deep into her mundane life, she tells us that she and her husband are equal partners when it comes to chores and laundry. In fact, they love products that minimize efforts. “Just like Surf Excel Matic 3-in-1 Smart Shots that has an amazing 3-in-1 feature that not only removes stains but also helps maintain the fabric,” she says. Moreover, she also expresses, “Since my growing up years, I have seen adults in our family using Surf as a synonym for washing detergent. And that trust remains to date!” Don’t we all relate? Safe to say, her clothes are in good hands!

4. Nupur (@sunshine_window)

NUpur - Influencer

Nupur’s love for home decor is quite evident in her lovely interior decor posts. Garnering more than two lakh followers on Instagram, Nupur, a homemaker and home decor blogger, is quite the lifestyle coach we all need in our life. The one piece of advice Nupur imparts to her listeners about laundry is segregating all the laundry by whites, colours and darks. But there is one thing she does during the laundry, and that’s using Comfort Morning Fresh Fabric Conditioner for her clothes. After every wash, she puts Comfort on her linens for good fragrance and freshness.

5. Shubhi (@missfashioncupid)

Shubhi - Influencer

Shubhi is a renowned lifestyle influencer with over 1 lakh Instagram followers, and for good reasons! She is an avid traveller who loves creating content for social media and is pretty on-point with her aesthetics too. When it comes to laundry and stains, she adds vinegar and baking soda in warm water and soaks it for at least 20 minutes for the best results. Talking about her enthusiasm for hygienic and clean surroundings, she mentions using liquid detergents and fabric conditioners to make her work easier. Know more about her travels and classy vibes through her Instagram.

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