Tips to prevent colour clothes from fading

Colourful clothes have a tendency to fade after repeated washing. How do you stop that? Well, here are a few things that can help. Let’s have a look!


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Tips to prevent colour clothes from fading

You toss your unclean clothes into your washing machine to clean them. But what do you do if you notice your clothes fading after each wash? Don’t panic, we’re here to help you!

You might be tempted to ignore the simple instructions on the labels of your clothes and simply toss them into the machine with a cup full of detergent. But this could take a toll on your clothes! To keep the colours intact, you should keep a few things in mind.

Add ½ cup vinegar to your washing load for better results. Vinegar helps to remove detergent residue and makes your clothes softer.

1) Read the Tag Carefully

Always take a look at the tag on your clothes before deciding how to wash them. Follow the washing and ironing instructions mentioned on the tag. It’s important to ensure you pick the correct laundry process.


2) Use Cold Water

Warm water weaken fibres. Hence, use cold water to wash your clothes. Cold water also prevents colours from bleeding.

3) Separate Your Clothes

Sort your clothes colour-wise. Washing similar colours together helps to keep the colours intact.

4) Select Your Detergent Carefully

Use detergents that are specifically made for coloured clothes. They’re designed to bind the colours and not make them bleed. You can also add a fabric conditioner to make your clothes soft and fresh-smelling.

5) Refer to Machine Guide

Never run the load on a heavy, hot-water cycle. A gentle setting is recommended.

It’s pretty easy and simple!

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