Tips to Protect Your Woollen Clothes from Pilling

Woollen clothes are prone to pilling. If you’re wondering how to protect your woollen clothes, we have some amazing tips for you.


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Tips to Protect Your Woollen Clothes from Pilling
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When multiple broken fibres on the surface of wool get entangled, a pill is formed. If you’ve found pills forming on your favourite woollen garment, we suggest you start treating it as soon as you spot them. If you ignore them, they keep growing in size as other broken fibres get attached to them.

Thankfully, protecting your woollen clothes from pilling is easy. Whether you’re washing your woollen clothes in the washing machine or hand-washing them, these easy tips will prevent pills from forming.  

1) Wash Your Garments Inside-Out

Pills are largely formed due to friction during a wash. Thus, we suggest that you always turn your woollen garments inside out before washing them as this protects the outside surface of the garment. Also, hand-washing your woollen clothes is the best option as it’s gentle. If you prefer washing your woollen clothes in the washing machine, we suggest you use a gentle cycle.

2) Wash Separately

Woollen clothes are delicate. Before washing them, always sort the load. Avoid washing wool with other items like denim, as they can cause abrasion and friction, damaging your woollen clothes.  

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3) Use a Mild Detergent

We suggest you use mild laundry detergent to wash your woollen clothes. Its gentle properties protect the fabric and keep fibres from breaking. Check for the best washing liquid for wool in the market.

4) Use a Fabric Softener

You can also use fabric softener while washing your woollen clothes. It will keep your woollen clothes soft, making them less prone to friction. Fabric softener will also add a fresh fragrance to your clothes. 

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There you go! With these care tips, you can easily maintain your woollen clothes and prevent pilling. Enjoy the winter season!

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