Wondering How to Maintain Your Corduroy Clothes? These Tips Are for You!

Do you own corduroy clothes and are wondering how to clean them? These cleaning tips will not only help you maintain them, but also keep them looking good for a long time.


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How to Maintain your Corduroy Clothes | Get Set Clean
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Corduroy clothes have a style of their own and are quite fashionable. However, to maintain them and keep them looking fresh, you need to take care of them the right way. Follow these simple tips to keep your sturdy clothing in good condition.

1) Wash Inside-Out

Always wash your corduroy clothes inside-out. This will protect the fabric and also prevent the colours from fading.

2) Wash in Cold Water

If you want to keep your corduroy clothes looking new for long, always wash them in cold water. Washing your corduroys in warm or hot water will cause their colours to fade.

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3) Wash With Mild Detergent

Corduroy clothes are soft and comfortable to wear. Therefore, when cleaning them, make sure you handle the material with care and wash them gently. Always use a mild detergent to maintain their softness and stop colours from bleeding. This will also prevent them from shrinking.

4) Wash Separately

Always wash your corduroy clothes separately. Washing them along with your regular clothes can ruin them or cause the colours to fade. You also run the risk of colours from other garments running on to your corduroy.

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5) Iron on the Reverse Side

Because corduroy clothes are soft, you should always turn them inside-out before ironing them. Not doing this could lead to your corduroy clothes getting damaged.

6) Hand-Wash

Always wash your corduroy clothes by hand and dry them in the shade. Their colours can fade if you dry them in direct sunlight.

There you go! Follow these simple tips to keep your corduroy clothes looking clean and sharp always.

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