Tips to Keep Your White Cotton Socks Gleaming White

White socks are a must-have in your wardrobe. Use the laundry tips and tricks given here to keep them looking white and bright.


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How to Keep your White Socks White | Get Set Clean
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Whether it’s a formal meeting or a grand wedding reception, you’ll want to wear a clean pair of bright white socks. They are a safe option. But do you know how to maintain them properly? There are these simple tricks you can apply to preserve your white socks for longer. Let’s face it; a pair of grimy socks isn’t going to help you put the best foot forward. 

So, be prepared to impress with your sharp dressing and smart white socks on every occasion. 

1) Make Your Own Whitening Solution

Start by mixing 1 part of an effective detergent with 2 parts of bleach in a bucket. Rin Ala is a good option for white socks and is easily available in the market. Now, soak your white socks in this solution for 15 minutes. Scrub your socks gently. Wash and rinse with plain tap water. Do not wring your socks as it can damage its shape. Flat-dry them in a shaded place. 

2) Wash Them Inside Out

Prevent lint from accumulating in your socks. Wash them inside-out. It is a simple yet efficient technique that helps you keep your socks clean and odour-free without damaging their fabric.  

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3) Treat the Stain

If you spot a stain on your white socks, treat them as soon as you can. Do not put the socks in the washing machine without treating the stain. Pour 2 drops of a dishwashing liquid on the stained area of your sock and scrub it gently with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse with plain water. Repeat, if necessary. 

4) Wash with Baby Shampoo

If you need to wear your white socks for a special occasion like sports day or a party, give them some extra care. Start by soaking your socks in a bucket filled with warm water. Now, add 1 cup vinegar and 2 tsp. baby shampoo in the bucket. Twirl the water in the bucket to ensure that the vinegar and shampoo are properly dissolved. Let your socks rest in the solution for 30 minutes. After that, rinse them with cold tap water. Do not wring vigorously to remove excess moisture.

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