Here’s How You Can Keep Your Leather Clothing Fungus-Free

If you want to know how to make your clothes last longer, you must first understand that it depends on your garment’s material. Use the tips given here to prevent your leather garments from fungus infestation.


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Leather jacket or a leather skirt never goes out of fashion. It will always find a place in the wardrobe of a true fashionista. However, leather items need a little extra care and maintenance. Damp walls or fluctuation in humidity levels can lead to fungus growth on your leather clothing. They are expensive, so it’s best to be safe than sorry. Dry your leather garments thoroughly before you put them away in your wardrobe. For enhanced protection, use the simple and useful tips given below.  

1) Use Leather Spray

You’ll easily find a leather spray in any hardware store. Leather sprays are specially formulated to protect leather articles from moisture. Spray it on your leather jacket or other leather clothes. Fungus and mould cannot grow without moisture.

2) Use Wax

If you wear your leather garment frequently, keep its smooth finish intact by applying wax on the clothing at least once a week. Wax creates a natural barrier against water.

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3) Store Right

Store your leather items in a dry, warm place. Insert newspaper sheets to absorb moisture in between the folds of your garment.

It’s important that you treat the stains on your leather clothing as soon as you notice it. Make sure you wipe your leather clothes dry using a soft, dry sponge.

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