Simple Tips to Make Your Suede Shoes Last Longer

Suede shoes are a great addition to your wardrobe if you want to ace casual dressing. Use the cleaning tips listed below to keep them scratch and stain-free for longer.


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Suede shoes are stylish and comfortable. They are suited for all kinds of social and casual occasions. And, they can be paired with almost all types of clothing. However, suede shoes require some care and maintenance. Always remember that suede shoes should not be rinsed or soaked in water. So, wearing them during the monsoons is a strict no-no. When not in use, stuff your suede shoes with crumpled newspaper balls to keep them in shape. 

Use the tips given here to clean them and maintain their bright look for longer. 

1) Using a Shoe Brush 

Keep your suede shoes dry. Remove dirt and muck stuck on the surface of your shoes using a shoe brush. Be gentle while brushing your shoes. Too much pressure can damage them. Pay special attention to the soles and the sides. 

2) Using an Eraser

If you spot a stain on your suede shoes, do not soak them in water. Remember, contact with water will ruin your suede shoes. Grab an eraser and rub it on the stained spots. Keep at it until the stain begins to fade. Your suede shoes are made from delicate materials. Do not use any chemical stain remover to clean them. 

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3) Using a Blow Dryer 

If you spot a wet stain on your suede shoes, immediately treat it to get rid of the moisture. You can blot the stains using paper towels or use a hairdryer. It is, perhaps, the simplest and the fastest way to dry wet patches on your shoes. Keep moving the hairdryer to cover the stained areas evenly. 

4) Using Vinegar

If you spotted tough oil and grease stains on your suede shoes, vinegar and water is your solution. Simply mix 2 tbsp. of white vinegar and 1 tbsp. of water. Vinegar helps breakdown stains and water helps lift it up. Take a cotton cloth, dampen it with this solution and apply on the stain. Allow it to completely dry for 2-3 hours. Then use your suede cleaning brush to gently clean it.

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Show some love to your suede shoes by taking care of them the right way. These tips will surely help you keep your suede shoe in the best shape.

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