Got a Sequin Top? You’ve Got to Know These Tips to Take Good Care of It

A sequin top is must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Here are some clothing care tips to keep your sequin top as good as new.


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How to Care for Your Sequin Top | Get Set Clean
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A sequin top is expensive and delicate and so needs extra care. Always read the care label instructions before putting your it for wash. 

To keep your top in the best condition, use the tips given here.

1) Removing Stains From Your Sequin Top

Always spot treat the stains on your sequin top. Pour 2 tsp. of mild detergent in a bowl of cold water. Dip a cotton swab in the cleaning solution and swab the stained area on the top with it. Ensure that you’ve covered the stained sequins along with the base fabric. Rub the stained area gently with your fingers. To get rid of the soapy residue, soak a cotton cloth in plain water and blot the stains.

2) Machine-Wash Your Sequin Top

If the label says you can machine-wash your sequin top, button up or zip it before tossing it in your machine inside out. Run the machine on a gentle cycle and use cold water with mild detergent. Remember that vigorous rinsing can damage your sequins and the base fabric. Do not machine-dry your sequin top. Instead, flat-dry it on a clean towel. Also, hanging your sequin top for too long can damage its shape.

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3) Hand-Wash Your Sequin Top

Hand-washing your expensive sequin top is easy. After you have buttoned or zipped up and turned your top inside out, soak it in a bucket of cold water. Put 2 tsp. of mild detergent in the bucket and mix well. Let the top rest in the soapy solution for 10 minutes. Take it out and rinse with plain water. Remember not to scrub or wring your top vigorously. Dry your sequin top by spreading it flat on a clean towel and let it air-dry.

4) Ironing Your Sequin Top

Always iron your sequin top inside out on a low heat setting. Remember that too much heat will cause the glue holding the sequins on the fabric to melt. You can steam iron your sequin top too. If you do not have a steamer, hang your top in the bathroom while you take a long, hot shower.

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5) Storing Your Sequin Top

Do not stack your sequin top with other clothes. Fold them inside out and put them in a mesh bag before placing them in your wardrobe.

Add sparkles to your life with a sequin top!

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