Tips to Care for Your Favourite Denim Jacket!

Are you looking for care and cleaning tips to make your favourite denim jackets last longer? You’ve come to the right place!


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How to Care for a Denim Jacket | Get Set Clean
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A denim jacket is a versatile, evergreen item to have in your wardrobe. You can dress it up for a brunch date with a pair of high-waist pants, or dress it down with a pair of joggers for a casual night out. Whether you’ve invested in a new denim jacket or have an old favourite that keeps getting better with age, we have amazing tips to help you care for it.

1) Vinegar Treatment

In a bucket of cold water, add a cup of distilled vinegar and drop your denim jacket in it. Wait 30 minutes before hand-washing it with a gentle detergent. Vinegar locks in the colour of your denim jacket and also softens the fabric.  

2) Drying Technique

After washing, turn your denim jacket inside out and dry it on a clothesline in the shade. Remember not to dry it under direct sunlight, to prevent colour fading and shrinkage. Lay a flat towel on the floor to catch any water drips.

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3) Freeze Overnight

Fold your denim jacket neatly, put it in an airtight bag, and place it in your freezer overnight. This will kill off any odour-causing bacteria. Yes, it really works!

There you go! Try these tips and dress up that denim now!

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