The Easiest Way to Wash Your Silk Saree at Home and Retain Its Sheen!

Your special silk saree needs some extra care and here’s how you can do it in the simplest way.


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How to Wash Your Silk Saree at Home | Get Set Clean
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Once you buy yourself an exquisite piece of a nine yards silk saree, you also need to make sure it's stored properly. Proper storage and maintenance can ensure your silk saree retains its elegance for years to come.

Retaining the sheen and richness of your silk saree is a task you need to perform meticulously. Worry not, check out this simple step-by-step process to wash your silk saree at home like a pro.

Avoid drying your silk saree under direct sunlight as UV rays can damage the fabric and lead to discolouration of your saree.

Step 1:

Do some prep work. Fill a bucket with cold water and hand wash your silk saree in it for 2-3 minutes without any detergent. Then, add 2-tbsp. vinegar in the same bucket and let your saree soak in this solution for 10 minutes.

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Step 2:

After soaking your saree in the solution, rinse it in another bucket filled with clean, cold water until the smell of vinegar is gone.

Step 3:

Take another bucket full of cold water, add 1-tsp. fabric softener (suitable for silk) and 1-tsp. of mild detergent (suitable for silk) to it. Handwash your saree in this solution and rinse again using clean, cold water.

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Step 4:

Take a dry towel and lay your wet silk saree over it. Gently roll the towel up and squeeze out the excess water. Next, air-dry your saree in a shady place.

After it’s completely dry, wrap your saree in a muslin cloth and store it in a dark place.

Now, preserving the sheen and richness of your saree is much easier!

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