Tips to keep your leather clothes fungus-free

Fungi are attracted to damp and moist clothes stored recklessly in a dark place.


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How to Keep your Leather Clothes Fungus-Free | Get Set Clean

During monsoon and winter season, the humidity is relatively higher. Your leather jacket may not dry completely. So, we have a few tips that will help you along the way.

Before applying any cleaning agent on leather, test it on a small patch to avoid colour fading.

1) Leather spray

It is specially made for leather goods and is easily available in shoe stores and hardware stores. It helps protect leather from moisture, and without moisture, mould and fungus cannot grow.


2) Wax

If you use your jacket quite often, apply leather wax all over it once a week.

3) Vinegar

Due to its acidic nature, vinegar has antifungal properties. Mix 1 cup each of water and vinegar and clean your leather jacket with a microfibre cloth. Follow this cleaning regimen regularly.

4) Storage

Store your leather jacket in a dry and warm place. In case your jacket is soiled, wash it immediately.

Go ahead, flaunt your leather jacket.

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