Restore the colour of your favourite black dress

Have you ever noticed that your black clothes begin to fade wash after wash? Here are effective that can help you retain the colour.


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Simple Ways to Restore Your Faded Black Clothing | Get Set Clean
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Black clothes are timeless classics that people from every age group like to wear. When in doubt, wear black, right? The colour will suit any occasion, whether you’re partying the night away or going on a brunch date, this shade is the answer to almost every sartorial situation. However, with frequent usage, your black clothes tend to look faded. While you may be able to toss some of your clothes away, it does become difficult to let go off those few perfect black dresses that fit you like a dream.

Don’t worry, instead of getting rid of them or buying new clothes to replace your faded ones, try these techniques to restore the colour of your favourite black tee or that LBD you love.

We recommend using a liquid detergent during your washing process, as this dissolves better and doesn’t leave any deposits like powders do.This is important to keep in mind especially since machine drying your dark garments can cause them to fade.

1. Divide Washing Loads by Colour

If you’re washing multiple items, make sure to load the clothes of similar shades together at the same time to avoid the colour transferring from one garment to the other. 

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2. Use Cold Water

Start your normal wash cycle by using cold water as it helps to retain the colour of your garment.

3) Use Coffee

Brew a pot of strong black coffee. The stronger the coffee, the darker the final outcome will be. You’ll need 2 cups of coffee for this process, so use a full-sized coffee maker. Add the freshly brewed coffee to the washing drum when the rinse cycle begins. Close the lid of your washer and wait for the cycle to finish.

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4) Dry

Remove your clothes and hang them to dry.

Simple and effective indeed!

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