How to Prevent Moths from Making Holes in Your Stored Woollens

It’s important to know how to protect your woollen clothes. Here are a few tips to prevent those holes you find when you take your woollens out of storage.


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How to Prevent Moths from Making Holes in Your Stored Woollens
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Ever wondered how you got those holes in your woollens? The biggest cause of these could be moths. They like wool as much as you like wearing them. But don’t think that just because your woollens are in a closed cupboard, moths can’t get in. There is a possibility of moths laying their eggs in the wool, which could cause holes in your woollens. The larvae hatch and feed on the woollen fibres, making holes in your favourite winterwear. 

We tell you how to maintain your woollen clothes easily.

1) Wash Before You Store

Before you think of how to store your wool sweaters and accessories to protect them from moths, you need to wash them thoroughly. Moths are attracted to food-based stains. Remember to always read the care label for cleaning instructions. The best laundry detergent for wool is a mild one. You can use a mild detergent while you machine-wash or hand-wash woollens. Once washed, you can store them away.

2) Use Essential Oils

After washing woollen clothes in your washing machine or by hand, mix 3-4 drops of your favourite essential oil with a cup of water in a spray bottle. Apply this on your woollens and then store away. You can also place deodar or bay leaves between the folds. Their strong scent will repel pests.

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3) Use Airtight Bags

After your woollens have been cleaned, place them in airtight bags. 

There you go! These simple tips will help you keep pests away from your woollens.

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