Not really great at picking clothes? Relax! Here’s a quick rundown of what kind of colours best suit your skin complexion

Choosing the right kind of outfit for an occasion can be a daunting task at times. A lot of factors come into play, such as event type, skin colour and so on. This article presents different outfit colours that can go with a particular skin tone.


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Right Colours to Wear for your Skin Tone | Get Set Clean

Fair/pale skin

Avoid clothes that blend in with your skin.

If you’ve got pale skin, choose colours that contrast with your skin tone.

Colours to wear

Dark colours, such as black, navy blue, bottle green, brown and bolder shades

Colours to ignore

Soft pastel shades or brighter shades. Avoid wearing white, yellow, red, light beige and brighter shades.

Olive/mid-tone skin

Choose outfits with a wider spectrum of colours.

Colours to wear

Light colours, such as white, peach, sky blue and grey. Mix light neutrals.

Colours to ignore

Since your skin will have yellow or green undertones, avoid wearing shades of these colours.

Darker skin

Much like those with mid-tone skin, people with darker skin can carry any colour easily.

Colours to wear

Bright colours, such as white, cobalt blue, red, etc are great but be mindful of adding balance to your outfit.

Colours to ignore

Avoid wearing dark-coloured outfits.

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