How to Make Your Stored Woollens Smell like Roses

Have you noticed your woollens smelling musty? We give you a few steps to give them a fresh fragrance.


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How to Store Your Woollen Clothes - Get Set Clean
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You keep your woollen clothes in storage for most of the year and take them out just in time for winter. Here’s a step-by-step process to store them right after the season has ended, to make your clothes smell good, fresh and ready to protect you through the next season’s winter months!

Step 1: Wash With Mild Detergent

Because you use your woollens mainly during the winter, they can attract dust and mites when they are stored away. So, when winter is over and you're ready to put away your warm clothes, the first step is to wash them properly. Add an equal proportion of mild detergent and fabric softener to your washer. Put your woollens in it and run your regular cycle. Remember to always read the care label for directions. 

Step 2: Dry in the Sun

After you wash your woollens, you need to dry them. Avoid drying in your washer as this may cause your woollens to shrink. Drying in the sun is the best option as this also kills any bacteria on your woollens.

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Step 3: Place in a Zip-lock Bag

Take a zip-lock bag large enough to hold your woollens. After they have dried completely, fold and place them in this bag.

Step 4: Add Some Fragrance

Add some rosemary or cedar leaves to the bag which contains your woollen clothes. You can also sprinkle your favourite essential oil inside or place cinnamon or clove sticks in the bag. Pick the fragrance you like best to make your woollens smell good.

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Step 5: Seal the Bag

The final step is to seal your airtight bag, which has your woollens and the added fragrance. Press the bag down to remove any air from it before sealing. Store this bag in your cupboard, and the next time you take it out to wear, you can be sure your woollen clothes will not only smell fresh, but will retain your favourite scent as well!

Follow these simple steps to keep your woollens fragrant!

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