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7 Tips to Keep Your Baby’s Clothes Soft and Safe!

We often feel nervous about the safety aspects related to caring for our babies’ clothes so as to prevent infections, allergies and skin irritations. Here are some tips to help you understand how to keep your baby's clothes soft and safe at all times.


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Keep your baby’s clothes soft & safe with these tips
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Experience has taught us that keeping your baby’s clothing germ-free and in a hygienic condition is critical. Babies have extremely sensitive skin and are prone to skin irritations of all kinds. Therefore, it is important to make them wear clean and soft clothing, devoid of germs and bacteria to make them feel comfortable and cheerful. We’ve often also struggled with the displeasing smell of spilt milk on our baby's clothes, which has led us to opt for repeat washes, making the fabric of the clothing rough and irritable for the baby. Additionally, we’ve tried using regular detergents to wash our babies’ clothes, but they tend to cause skin irritation because of their high chemical content. Home remedies like vinegar don’t seem to work their magic either and leave behind a foul odour with no guarantee of the removal of bacteria and germs from the clothes. So, after going through this entire ordeal, we’ve come up with a list of tips to keep your clothes soft and safe for your babies!

1. Purchase the Right Clothes for Your Baby

When purchasing clothes for your babies, ensure that you pick options that are easy to care for and can be quickly dried. One of the best fabrics to buy for your babies is breathable cotton. We have noticed that it helps in preventing sweating and does not cause skin irritation of any kind. Cotton is easy to care for as compared to delicate fabrics that come with specific care instructions. Also, it is best to avoid buying clothes that have sequins and other kind of embellishments on them as they might hurt the baby’s skin. There is also the chance of them coming off while washing. This is a great way to keep your baby's clothes soft and safe.

2. Act Quickly

In the scenario that your baby drops food on their clothes, wipe or scoop away the stain immediately. Try your best to get rid of the food stain as much as possible before you treat the fabric. It will make cleaning a much faster process. Also, we’ve experienced that repeated washes become unnecessary when we act quickly to remove the stain. Like us, you could use a baby wipe to remove any spills and then instantly soak the clothing in water till you have the time to wash.

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3. Soaking is Important to Remove Germs & Bacteria

We feel it is a good idea to soak your baby’s clothing in warm water prior to washing. This will not only help in removing dirt from the clothes, but also remove any germs present on them.

4. Wash the Diapers & Nappies Separately

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Remember to wash the dirty cloth diapers and nappies separately, and that too in hot water. In our experience, this is among the most effective ways of ridding them of germs and bacteria. Also, the germs and bacteria in these dirty diapers and nappies don’t get transferred to the other clothes when you wash them separately.

5. Use a Good Fabric Conditioner

When washing your baby’s clothes, separate colours and whites like you would when washing your own clothes. If there are any solid food or dirt particles on the clothes, remove them first before putting them in the machine (or hand washing them). In addition to this, use a good fabric conditioner such as Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner, which is dermatologically tested and is completely safe for your baby’s clothes. We’ve noticed that their clothes are left smooth and soft after the use of this fabric conditioner, something that it is nearly impossible to achieve with just the use of detergent. Especially designed for delicate baby skin, Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner gives unbeatable softness to your baby’s clothes. If you read the packaging, you’ll find that it has antibacterial and germicidal properties, which makes it a reliable germ and bacteria removing agent for rinsing our babies clothes. We also love the fact that the fabric conditioner leaves a nice and mild fragrance on our baby’s clothes after washing!

6. Air the Washed Clothes in Sunlight

It is a known fact that drying clothes under sunlight is way more effective in removing leftover germs than a tumble dry in the machine. In our experience, airing baby clothes in natural sunlight will also keep the fabric soft and intact besides removing germs and bacteria.

7. Store the Clothes in A Safe, Hygienic Way

Once the washing procedure is over and the clothes are dried, keep the clothes in a clean cotton bag. If you don’t have cotton bags or don’t wish to purchase them, then you could use soft cotton sheets to wrap the baby clothes in. We’ve noticed that this helps protect your baby’s clothes from germs and dirt.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your little one’s clothes remain soft and safe at all times.

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