Want To Know How To Use A Steam Iron? Read On To Find Out

Steam irons make life easier, but there are tips one needs to know before using them. This article lists those tips out.


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Want To Know How To Use A Steam Iron? Read On To Find Out shutterstock 673634170
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Crisp clothes make you feel confident. Maintaining the crisp and smoothness of your clothes can get a little tricky sometimes especially when the wrinkles on your clothes are deep. This is where a steam iron comes into the picture. Taking your clothes to the dry cleaner may get expensive, but a steam iron can help you restore the smoothness of your clothes equally effectively, on budget! It is also a go-to option for garments with embroidery or embellishment. You must know how to use steam iron the right way. If you’re wondering how, you are not alone. We have got you covered!

This article gives a detailed low down on how you can use a steam iron for your garments like a pro.

Let’s get into it!

1) Sort Your Garments

Sort your garments according to the recommended ironing temperature. For example silks, cottons, polyesters, and so on. It will make your life easier. You can iron each category together.

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2) Use an Ironing Board

If possible, always use an ironing board. Alternatively, if you don’t have an ironing board, you can use a flat surface like a table or a wide countertop. Ironing board helps absorb the heat and moisture thereby keeping the garment from damaging.

3) Fill the Water Reservoir

Before ironing, always fill the water reservoir of the iron. Check the product manual to understand the correct way of filling it. Furthermore, always use filtered water. Using unfiltered water can cause calcium build up on the garment post ironing and thereby cause stains.

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4) The Correct Heat Temperature

According to the temperature suggested on the wash care label of your fabric set up the temperature on your iron. Before you start ironing, make sure the iron is partially heated up. Make sure you don’t wait for longer than 7-8 seconds. In any circumstance, do not use inappropriate heat settings.

5) Movement of the Iron

If you move your iron in circular motions, you were probably doing it wrong. Circular motion can cause the fabric of your garment to damage. We would suggest you to try an up and down motion. If your garment has pleats, work on their natural fold for best results.

6) Protect Delicate Garments

Check the wash care label of your garment before going about steam ironing. If it is a delicate material for example chiffon or lace, place a cotton cloth between the garment and the iron to give it a layer of protection. Direct exposure can cause the garment to damage.

7) Unbutton the Clothes

If there are any buttons on your garment, unbutton them. It makes the job effective. It allows the iron to flow free without interruptions. Ironing with buttons can also cause damage to your clothes sometimes.

8) For Stubborn Creases

To remove wrinkles from your clothes, use the steam feature on your iron. Check the product manual to understand the right way of using it. Place your garment on a flat surface. Steam ironing the garment by ironing by following the grain of the fabric will help flatten the wrinkles. If you still notice wrinkles, spray some water and repeat the step. However, before steam ironing any garment, we suggest you to check the wash care label on your garment to understand whether you can use steam iron on it.

9) Hang After Ironing

Once you are done with steam ironing, hang the garment carefully on a clothes hanger and allow natural air-drying. If you leave it laying out casually on a chair or a couch, there are chances of it drying with wrinkles.

And there you have it! Using your steam iron correctly can give you amazing results. Remember to check the product manual for correct usage instructions.

Remember not to rest your iron directly on your garment, as it can cause irreversible damage to your garment. Also, turn the switch off before unplugging the iron.

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