Effortlessly Preserve the Beautiful Sarees Your Mum Presented to You!

The sarees your mum passed down to you will always remain in the treasure trove of your memories. These easy hacks will safeguard them against damage, so you can flaunt and cherish them for years to come!


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How to Maintain and Preserve your Sarees | Get Set Clean
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The sarees that your mum passed down to you will always remain close to your heart. You don’t mind going that extra mile to take some special care of those sarees and make them last longer. We get that!

These hacks will help you maintain and preserve different fabrics of sarees for a long, long time.

Once in 2-3 months, let your sarees breathe in sunlight for around 10 minutes. This’ll help maintain their shine. Bring the sarees back to room temperature before storing them in your wardrobe.

1) Cotton Sarees


Iron your cotton sarees on a low heat setting and place them in a plastic zipper bag or try wrapping them in a clean dupatta and tie a big, loose knot to ensure that they don’t crease.

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Avoid storing your dark cotton sarees with the lighter ones. Sometimes due to residue moisture, the colour imprint might get affected.


Remember to always starch your sarees appropriately as excess starch may adversely affect the fabric of your sarees.

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If you’re washing your cotton sarees at home, always use a mild detergent.

2) Silk Sarees


Avoid storing your silk sarees with sarees made from other fabrics as this may damage both fabrics. Remember to always store them away from direct sunlight. Consider storing them in a cool and dehumidified place.

Say No to Plastic Cover

Remove any plastic cover as it may lead to discolouration of the zari work or fabric.


Always wrap heavier sarees in old dupattas or clean towels.


If you’re washing your silk sarees at home, use a mild detergent that’s compatible with silk.

Your beautiful sarees with the perfect material, trendy design, best colour and amazing texture needs some special care. These tips can make a big difference when it comes to protecting those precious sarees.

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