How to Keep Your Formal Shirts Smelling Fresh

Formal shirts occupy most of the wardrobe space of people working in the corporate sector. Use these handy tips to keep your shirts smelling fresh.


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How to Keep Formal Shirts Clean and Smelling Fresh | Get Set Clean
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Formal shirts are the specified dress code for business meetings and interviews. If you are going to dress for success, make sure your clothes also smell fresh. It’s simple! Just a few changes in your cleaning technique will do the trick.

Here are some tips to keep your formal shirts smelling pleasant.

1) Use Scented Oils

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil in the washing machine before you start the wash cycle.

2) Add Fragrance to your Dryer

Take a towel and soak it in water. Wring out excess water from the towel. Now, pour 6-7 drops of your preferred essential oil on the towel. Then, add it to your dryer’s load. The scent will get transferred to all your formal shirts.

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3) Dry your Shirts Thoroughly

Mildew can cause musty odour in your shirt. You can easily avoid this by making sure your shirts are completely dry before you fold and store them away.

4) Deodorise your Machine

If you machine-wash your garments, your machine itself can sometimes be the reason for your smelly shirts. Every once in a while, deodorise your washing machine. All you have to do is fill the machine drum with hot water. Add 2 cups of white vinegar and leave it for 30 minutes. Then, run a normal wash cycle without any laundry.

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5) Air Out your Washer

Remember that dampness and darkness can cause mildew. So, always air out your dryer after you’ve emptied it. Leave the lid open for some time for air and light to dry it completely.

It’s that simple! Follow these simple tips to give your formal shirts the right treatment they deserve. Smell great, feel great!

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