Want to Make Your Curtains Look like New without Washing Them?

Cleaning curtains is doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Wouldn’t you love to know how to keep your curtains clean without taking them down? Here’s how!


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Tips to Clean Your Curtains Without Washing Them | Get Set Clean
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Clean curtains can enhance the look of your living space. However, they are also prone to becoming dusty since you rarely wash them. Don’t worry, with these simple practices, you can use these tips to keep them clean without washing them.

Keep these tips handy to make sure your curtains look and stay dust-free without having to take them off the rods.

Before doing anything, check the label of your curtain if it’s appropriate for the specific treatment you’re about to do.

1) Dust Hard 

Before cleaning a room, give the curtains a good shake to get rid of the dust. Wait 10 minutes for the dust to settle before dusting furniture and vacuuming the floor.

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2) Vacuum Weekly

To get rid of built-up dirt, a session of thorough vacuum-cleaning once a week is all you need. Read the manufacturer’s label on your vacuum cleaner and use an appropriate attachment for curtains as per the guidelines. Consider using a stool with proper height to reach and clean the topmost part of the curtain.

3) Clean the Window

Curtains often become dirty when the windows are dirty. Keep your windows and grilles clean regularly to keep grime from transferring to the curtains.

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4) Steam Often

A good steam-cleaner should deodorise and keep the curtains fresh and clean.

You don’t always have to undergo the hassle of having your curtains professionally cleaned to keep them in mint condition. Cleaning them while they’re still hanging could deliver the results you’re looking for.

Try these tips and keep your curtains looking like new every day!

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