Here’s How You Can Care for and Maintain Your Expensive Silk Kurta

Knowing how to take care of your clothes properly can enhance their lifespan. Here’s how you can make your expensive silk kurta last longer.


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How to Care for your Expensive Silk Kurta | Get Set Clean
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A silk kurta is the perfect attire for Indian festivals and traditional ceremonies. Women can mix and match kurtas with different leggings and ghagras and repeat them multiple times without anyone noticing. A silk kurta is one investment you’ll never regret. However, you must know the basics when it comes to taking care of and maintaining your silk kurta. 

If you’re looking for pointers on preserving your expensive silk kurta, these tips will come handy. 

1) Use Hangers

Use wooden hangers to keep your silk garment wrinkle-free. Avoid metal hangers as they can leave rust stains on your expensive silk kurta. 

2) Wrap in Muslin Cloth

If you do not have enough space in your wardrobe to hang your expensive silk kurta, you can fold and wrap it neatly in a soft muslin cloth. If your silk kurta has embroidery, fold it inside out. Store your silk garment in a cool, dry place. 

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3) Refold Every 3 Months

If you do not wear your silk kurta frequently, ensure that you refold it every 3 months. It will help you prevent your garment from tearing along the fold lines. 

4) Air Your Silk

You do not have to wash your expensive silk kurta after every use. If you have just worn it for a couple of hours, merely airing it is enough. 

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5) Use Naphthalene Balls

Keep moths away with naphthalene balls. However, ensure that they are not kept in direct contact with your silk garment, as they can cause discolouration. Wrap naphthalene balls in a handkerchief before you place them in your wardrobe. Using dried neem leaves is another alternative, as neem has anti-fungal properties. 

Keep your elegant silk kurta in good condition because it’s all you need to make heads turn!

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