Here’s how you can restyle your mom’s old saree blouses!

Buying sarees is a time-consuming affair, right from selecting the fabrics to matching them with the blouse. Often, getting the right blouse for the saree becomes a more troublesome task and we resort to picking the old blouse from our mom, aunt or older sister’s collection. Right? Well, you can rise up a level in this game by restyling the old saree blouses, to stand up to today’s trends


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 How to Restyle your Mom’s Old Saree Blouses | Get Set Clean
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Pair them with skirts

Try out some Indo-western fusion by complimenting the blouse with a printed skirt. A high-waisted skirt too could work well.

While pairing pants or skirts with the blouse, ensure the blouse’s length is not excessive.

Even pants can work

If the blouse is short, stitch a border to extend its length and voila, you have a nice, cute crop top! This could match well with wide-legged pants.

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Yes, pick those bling blouses and attach long fabrics of the similar texture to their bottom edge. With some additional attachments, you can have an anarkali or a long style kurti for yourself.

Traditional, of course

You can always drape a fancy saree around the old-style blouse or match the blouse with a trendy lehenga and choli.

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