Expert Tips to Keep Your Saree Looking Beautiful and Brand New!

Is your designer saree a priceless possession in your wardrobe? Here are some of the best tips to help you preserve its beauty and make it last longer!


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Tips to Keep Your Saree Looking Beautiful and Brand New! | Get Set Clean
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Intricately woven, carefully designed, some heavy, others light, each saree needs to be treated differently depending on its fabric and weave. However, there are some universal tips you can use to take care of your wide range of sarees.

While using any product to wash your saree, test it on a small patch first to make sure it doesn’t harm the colour or fabric of your saree.

1) Say No to Machine Washing

Avoid putting your expensive saree in a washing machine as this can damage the fabric. Simply dry-clean or hand-wash your saree using mild laundry products and processes.

Add 1 tsp. of mild detergent to a bucket filled with cold water and soak your saree in it for about 5 minutes. Then, gently rinse your saree in another bucket filled with cold water, until it’s detergent-free. Later, lay it on a clean towel and gently roll it to remove excess water.

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2) Say No to Sunlight

Avoid leaving your saree under direct sunlight for too long. The UV rays can damage both the fabric as well as cause the colour to fade.

3) Say No to Hot Ironing

Avoid ironing your saree directly. Lay a dupatta flat on top of the saree before you iron it. Ensure that you keep the temperature setting low, to prevent burns.

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4) Say No to Sharp Creases

Avoid folding your saree into sharp creases, as there’s always a risk of it tearing along the fold if its kept that way for too long. Also, place newspapers between folds to avoid creasing.

5) Say No to Metal Hangers

Avoid using metal hangers for your saree as the metal can corrode and leave permanent stains on the fabric. Any sharp corners could also cause it to tear.

Your expensive saree does need special treatment. Give it the care it deserves with these useful tips!

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